Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Prayer Book for the Baby

The baby is generally very good at Mass.  She's interested in what's going on.  She almost never falls asleep.  I almost never have to take her out.  But ... the periods of not much motion exceed her attention span, and we've exhausted the interest of the few statues and pictures in the back of church.  She needs something else to look at.

I made her a "prayer book."

Blogger insists on displaying the picture in this orientation.  I can't seem to prevent it.  Sorry.
It's cloth, so it won't make noise if dropped.  My husband and I picked out some pictures from his books of Medieval Art, scanned them, and printed them on iron-on-transfer paper.  I cut out fabric for the pages, ironed on the images, and sewed the pages and the cover together.

This has turned out to be enormously helpful at Mass.  It gives her something basically on topic to look at when she loses interest in the other things around us in the Church.  The book also serves as a distraction when she gets a little too excited about things and wants to start "talking."