Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Humility is truth, both good and bad.

Humility is acknowledging that I am not perfect, that I am a sinner and I must ask for forgiveness, that without the grace of God at every step along the way I will not make it to heaven.  I do not have an angelic understanding, so I must submit my intellect to the revelation of God through the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and Sacred Scripture.

Humility is accepting that as a fallen human being I must suffer.  This is the penance sent to me by almighty God for the good of my soul.  I should accept the dawn and midnight rocking sessions with a baby who woke too early as the gift they are and offer them back to God.

At the same time, a "humility" that denies the truth of my skills and talents is false.  It would be false, and therefore not humble, to deny that I am a skilled pianist, that I have a good singing voice, that I am academically talented.  These things are all gifts from God, and it would be wrong to deny them.  It is an aspect of humility to accept compliments simply, with a smile and a "thank you."

I think true humility leads to joy and contentment, and I strive for these things.

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