Monday, February 6, 2012


I guess it's all in what you call it.

Yesterday morning Lucy was feeling rather disagreeable about breakfast.  Usually she is hungry in the morning and eats with enthusiasm, but on this occasion we had the following conversation.

"Would you like some breakfast?"
"Nnoooo!" (part word, mostly squeal)
"Would you like a banana?"  She usually eats a banana for breakfast.
"Would you like to eat some yogurt?"  When Lucy was younger, she would eat anything as long as it was mixed with yogurt.
"Would you like to eat some strawberries?"  Strawberries are Lucy's all time favorite food.  She eats them like candy.  She prefers them to cake.

Her daddy had a stroke of genius:
"Would you like to eat dinner instead of breakfast?"
"Would you like to eat a banana for dinner?"
And so she ate a banana, and drank her sippy-cup of milk.


  1. It's so cute! How much depends on the words, who knows what is happening to children in the headers. But it will be important. As well, the father came to what they needed. :)

    Greeting from Slovakia.