Sunday, December 12, 2010

Conversion Story Part 6: Summer School

In the spring of my second year of college I changed my major, which necessitated a summer semester, which I did immediately.  I found summer school to be different from the regular school year.  There were fewer demands on my time, and I found myself with a fair amount of leisure time.  I was also taking a speech class that semester, which involved very open-ended assignments, like "Give a seven minute speech on any topic."  I hate open-ended assignments; I spend more time deciding on a topic than doing the assignment itself.  I found myself sitting in my dorm room at the beginning of the semester trying to think of a speech topic.  My eyes settled on my roommate's shelf of books, which included St. Thomas Aquinas on Ethics, and I remembered my professor saying that the writing of St. Thomas is a good summary of Catholic belief.

I checked about eight books out of the library on St. Thomas, and spent several days just reading.  When I was almost out of time, I finally settled down and wrote the speech.  I found nothing in the books I read on St. Thomas that I would have any difficulty believing.  I began to wonder, "What is it that I am supposed to believe that's so different from this?"

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