Saturday, April 9, 2011

7Quick Takes (vol. 11)

1.  I just notice that this will be my one hundredth post.  Yay!

2.  My baby loves books.  I set her down next to a box full of toys, and instead of playing with the toys she crawls right over to the bookshelf to go pull books off the shelf and look at them.

3.  On a related note, she's also learning to turn the pages so that she can look at what's inside her board books and not just the pictures on the covers.  This often leads to frustration because she hasn't yet figured out that they only open one direction, so many of her attempts to open books simply result in the book flipping over.

4.  Also, not satisfied with simply looking at her board books on the bottom shelf, she pulls up to look at the books on the top shelf (which are wedged in very tightly to prevent her pulling them off and chewing on them).

5.  The garbage truck just woke the same sweet baby from her nap after only 45 minutes.  Alas, I was not able to get her to go back to sleep.  I'm praying to her guardian angel for some help with another nap later.  I'd prefer not to have an exhausted baby to take care of all afternoon and evening.

6.  I'm finding my Lenten reading so helpful and interesting that I'm thinking about continuing it as a more permanent habit.  I particularly like to arrive at Sunday Mass having already read the Gospel of the day and some sermons from the Church Fathers on the passage.  I find it helps me to focus on the liturgy even if I'm busy trying to keep an active baby relatively quiet.

7.  Tomorrow is Passion Sunday!  Easter is two weeks away!

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  1. First, hooray on your many wonderful postings. They are of great benefit to us readers. Second, that picture of your baby standing at the bookshelf is mightily adorable!