Saturday, April 16, 2011


Tomorrow, my sweet girl, it will be Palm Sunday.  Mass will begin with the blessing of palms, and a procession.  You will be fascinated.  You love processions.

After that, Mass will begin, and in a few minutes it will be time for the reading of the Gospel.  You will hear the story of the Passion for the very first time.  It will be read three more times this week:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; the Passion narrative will be read once from each of the four Gospels this week.  It's a long story and you'll probably get impatient.  I'll take you to the back of the church and walk back and forth, but because we are in Passiontide, all the images will be covered in purple and there won't be much to look at.

This story, which you will hear for the first time tomorrow, is the reason there is a crucifix in each of the main rooms in our home.  Listen well, my girl; this is the center of our Faith.

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth by Marco Palmezzano.
Image from Wikimedia commons.

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