Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Word

Yesterday my baby girl uttered her first word.  There have been some sounds that seemed to make sense in context, but we weren't quite sure whether she was really using them as words, or just coincidentally babbling that particular sound at that moment.  This time was abundantly clear.  I asked, "Would you like another bite of <whatever it was I was feeding her -- I don't remember>?" and she responded with a hand pushing the spoon away, "NO NO NO."  Her daddy and I cracked up, which made her angry.  Poor baby.  You said "NO," and your mommy and daddy laughed.

A few minutes later, her daddy left the room for a moment (to get something for her, no less) and she wailed, "aaAA- DA-DA-DA!"  He is, at the moment, the preferred parent.  He denies this, but it's true.  And it's okay.  It's good for daddy to get to be a superhero.

"Mamama" has seen some somewhat ambiguous use, and "Nanana" is a sort of universal complaint.

To be fair, I've been trying to supply the word "No" along with the gesture when she refuses something, and that is clearly what she means.  I guess it worked.

But still.  My baby's first word was "No."

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  1. How funny. No seems to be a word they learn to apply to others early - but comprehension of it can be a different matter:)