Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along

My baby surprise jacket is finally back in the works, and looking at my pattern, I realized today that it's nearly finished.  While I have been gathering up the courage to pick up the necessary stitches on the baby sweater, I have been working on a many-years-old UFO (unfinished object, since I know one or two of my readers won't understand that abbreviation).  It's a blanket in Tunisian crochet.  I've been working it in strips, which I will sew together when they are all done, before working a border.  There are four strips there (they're wrapped like that because they want to curl up the other direction when first finished; storing them like this seems to help them relax) and I have several more to go.

Finally, this is a book that caught my eye sitting on a shelf.  The title intrigued me, so I'm reading it.  It's pretty slow going, as it is very dense reading.  I can't tell you much else just yet because I've only just started.

Go read about some more knitting and reading over at small things.

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  1. Just visiting at Yarn Along today--your blog caught my eye. I have learned a lot from the Catholic Church. My daughter attended a Jesuit University and we have had many discussions. (She was confirmed in the Catholic Church during college.) I especially appreciate the firm stand the Church has maintained on life issues.