Friday, October 21, 2011


On the day one leaves his mother's womb, he is born into the world. On the day one is baptized, he is born into the Church. And on the day of one's death, if one is a saint, he is born into eternal life in Heaven.  Thus it is that the Roman Martyrology speaks of the "birthdays" of the saints and martyrs who are listed for the day.

It is inspiring to read the accounts of those who have been born into eternal life, and the reading always ends "and elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins."  These are Christian heroes, marked by heroic virtue and holiness of life (at least at the end of their lives), and they are many.  In a couple weeks we will be celebrating all of them:  the ones whose names we don't know, as well as those listed in the Martyrology.  May the upcoming feast remind us to follow their example and ask for their intercession so that we may celebrate with them our own "birthday" into eternal life with God.

Beginning on Sunday, October 23, I will be praying the Litany of the Saints as a novena of sorts leading up to the feast.
This video has a pleasant recording of the Latin chant. I may be using it as an aid to prayer.

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