Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Images

Before I was a Catholic, I belonged to several varieties of protestant churches.  While we are not the iconoclasts that we once were, and religious artwork is not entirely absent from protestant homes and churches, this artwork in general has little purpose beyond decoration.  One of the things I love about the Catholic church is that images are used as objects of devotion and aids to prayer. 

When my husband and I set up our household together, we wanted to make sure that anyone who came in our door would immediately know they were in a Catholic home.  However, we have selected artwork that is to our taste (my husband intensely dislikes what he calls "chubby babies with wings"). 

Since we're talking about images, here are a few pictures.

This is what we have displayed on the mantel piece.

An image of the annunciation
thee icons showing Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

a statue of St. Michael the Archangel

a standing Crucifix, in the center

A statue of the Virgin and Child

A prayer by Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman
 This is in the first room one sees upon entering our home.  There are images in every room of the house (except the bathroom -- we thought the humidity might damage things).  I will post more examples later.


  1. I love your icons of Jesus, Mary & Joseph! We have crucifixes in most rooms mot not much other religious art - I want to invest in more...

  2. Lovely pictures, lovely disposition.

  3. This is beautiful, I especially love the icons and the Annunciation art. We have set up a home altar in our living room, which people can see as soon as they walk in our front door. It is fairly sparse right now (we are new converts to the Church) but over the years I hope to make it something really lovely that will inspire devotion (for us) and witness (for others).