Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plenary Indulgence

Here's something every Catholic should know:

There is a plenary indulgence available at the point of death.  Ordinarily this is in the form of the apostolic blessing given by a priest.  However, if a priest is unavailable, the indulgence may still be gained, so long as the person has been in the habit of saying some prayers during his life.  The use of a crucifix for gaining this indulgence is suggested but not required.  In general, one must be baptized, not excommunicated, and in the state of grace; and one must have at least a general intention of gaining an indulgence in order to be capable of gaining an indulgence.  At the point of death, the Church supplies for the usual three conditions (Sacramental Communion, sacramental confession, and prayers for the pope). 

All you have to do to avoid purgatory is:
  1. Be in the habit of saying some prayers.
  2. Be in the state of grace.
  3. Intend to gain this indulgence.
So.  Now you know.  Now, since it's November and the "Month of the Holy Souls" go offer your indulgences for all the souls that are in purgatory.  Pray for them; they'll pray for you -- another good way to avoid spending a long time in purgatory.

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