Thursday, January 19, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

These are tulips I bought at the grocery store.  The funny thing is ... What Lucy sees in this picture is the stairs!
Four little denim skirts for four little girls.  I was really, really happy to finish in time for Christmas.

 Lucy is wearing her daddy's shoes.  She likes to play dress-up, so I have pictures of her wearing all sorts of silly things.
The real here is that while this was yummy, it was after getting everyone up very early to go to a very early Mass because a bridge closure precluded our attendance at our usual Sunday Mass, and Lucy refused to eat it.

round button chicken


  1. Your "real" looks super yummy! Cheese, tomato, spinach, and potatoes? It's making me hungry :)

  2. Good going on the skirts! I'm not so good while feeling any pressure with a deadline.