Thursday, January 5, 2012


The best thing that happened today:
While her brother was sleeping, Lucy climbed up onto the couch and snuggled with me for about ten minutes.  She pointed out my eyes (Ah) and my ears (Eee) and my glasses (Ga-ga), and then she made pretend snoring noises when I closed my eyes.  The quiet moment was lovely.

What Lucy is doing lately:
Lucy pulled one of her skirts out of the laundry today and pulled it over her head like a cape.  Then she looked at me and laughed (as if looking to see if I thought it was funny) and pulled it off again.  Then she did the same thing several more times.  That child is such a ham.

What Linus is doing lately:
Linus has been practicing rolling over.  He rolls from front to back quite competently, and can roll almost all the way onto his stomach from his back.

A picture:
The wise men will join the rest of the creche tomorrow.

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