Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}


We went to the fabric store a couple weeks ago to buy the last few supplies for a project (I'll talk about that at the end of this post).  I like to look in the remnants bin. I found some really pretty fabric.  I brought it home.  I had some vague notion of making napkins with it.
My grandmother gave me some placemats, napkins and napkin rings as a wedding gift.  I love them.  The placemats, unfortunately, are a really silly design.  They're made of paper.  They can't be washed.  They get marks on them when they get wet from condensation on cold glasses.  I live in a very warm, very humid climate.  There is a lot of condensation on cold glasses.
The fabric coordinates beautifully with my napkins and napkin rings, so naturally I made placemats.  I'm thrilled with the way they came out.


This is a very happy baby.  He loves his jumperoo.  He will jump in it for half an hour or more at a time.  I'm so glad to have a way to entertain him.

She's wearing my t-shirt.  The one I plan to wear for Mardi Gras.  She insisted.  It drags the floor.  I let her wear it long enough to snap few pictures before taking it off her for fear she would trip on it.  Silly girl.

 The chapel where we go to Mass on Sundays didn't have a green cope to use for the asperges (sprinkling holy water before Sunday Mass).  My husband did lots of shopping for fabrics online.  He ordered this stunning green and black brocade.  We were at the fabric store to buy the lining and thread.
 It's hard to take good pictures of shiny fabric.  The solid green silk is really beautiful stuff.  My husband designed the cope.  He ordered the fabrics and figured out the dimensions.  I did most of the cutting and all of the sewing.
I'm rather amazed that I can really make something like this.  It was exciting to see it in use last Sunday.

round button chicken


  1. Wow! Lovely, stunning--and comical,too!

  2. Looks like you can sew better than you thought - everything looks great!

  3. Isn't your parish lucky to have you! Very nice- thank you for sharing!

  4. That is stunning! Your sewing is beautiful.