Thursday, October 18, 2012

At the Park {PHFR}

{Pretty} and {Funny}

We went to a local park the other day, and my pretty little girl was making quite the fashion statement.  She looked a bit more put together at the beginning of the day, but she knows how to take off her skirt and put on another one, and that is just what she did.  And she added the big, pink, floppy hat just for good measure.


We saw ducks.  Lucy is really interested in ducks.  We play with ducks in the bath.  We read stories about ducks.  We even sleep with a stuffed duck some nights.  She was happy.

There a quite a number of birds that look like this at our park (it is a bird sanctuary).  They are they ugliest ducks I have ever seen.  I might have been known to refer to them as "Franken-ducks."  Maybe.

The most exciting part?  There are black swans, and they have a nest right next to the board walk over the lake/swamp area, so we have a great view of everything happening.

The two swans were working on the nest when we passed by.

I was fascinated.  Lucy was convinced that the mama swan was going to eat those eggs (that's what you do with eggs, right?).


All snuggled up on top of the eggs.  Alas, the litter spoils this view.

And on a happier note, we saw a pelican!  I don't think we've seen a pelican there before.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

round button chicken


  1. What a pity that there was so much trash around the birds.
    blessings, Dawn

  2. What a wonderful park! There's nothing like seeing, in real life, what you've read stories about :)

  3. How fun it will be to return once the eggs have hatched!