Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes (vol. 2)

1.  I'm thinking about Holy Communion this week.  I'm cultivating anticipation and desire in preparation for the Sacrament, and I'm thinking about making a thanksgiving afterward.  I find it harder than I once did to keep the necessary recollection for the kind of thanksgiving I would like to make after Communion -- partly because I have an arm full of baby (which makes reading prayers out of a book impossible), and partly because that baby attracts the attention of others who then decide they want to talk to me.  I need a way to focus my attention.  Please comment if you have ideas.

2.  I'm praying to St. Michael the Archangel this week.  In part, I am asking St. Michael the Archangel to defend us in the battle against principalities and powers and such because of the Collect and Epistle from last Sunday. Because a friend of mine died this week I'm also praying:  "O Lord Jesus Christ, the King of glory, deliver the souls of all the faithful departed from the pains of hell and from the deep pit; deliver them from the lion's mouth, that hell engulf them not, that they fall not into the darkness; but let Michael, the holy standard-bearer, bring them into the holy light which Thou didst promise of old to Abraham and his seed." (from the Offertory of the Requiem Mass).

3.  Between a cold and a baby who has suddenly started sleeping like a newborn (up every three hours at night to eat), I have fallen far short of my various resolutions.  Since I seem to be almost over the cold, today I am renewing my efforts, and awaiting with great anticipation whatever new exciting thing my baby is about to do.

4.  On Sunday it will have been two years since my husband proposed on the feast of St. Raphael.  It's hard to believe it has been that long.  On the other hand, it's hard to believe that only two years ago we were living in different cities.  Life has changed a great deal for us in the last two years. 

5.  I read somewhere recently that clutter contributes to migranes.  So maybe if I could get the house clean, I would have fewer headaches.  Or maybe I just need to drink more water (which is my father-in-law's solution to every ailment).

6.  Happy thought:  My baby giggles.  Yay!

7.  Another happy thought:  My husband will be home any minute now, so it's time to take the baby to watch out the window for him.

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