Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Make Baby Hangers

What do you do when you have a huge pile of wire hangers that continues to grow every time anything needs to go to the cleaners?  You make them into something useful.  Like baby hangers.
I had a plastic baby hanger like this one, and it seemed to me that the perimeter of this hanger is about the same as a wire hanger.  That means I can fold a wire hanger into the same shape as this one.
So you start with a hanger that looks like this, and then you match the hook up with the one above to determine where to bend the hanger for the shoulders.  If you don't have a plastic baby hanger to work with you could use the clothes you intend to put on the hanger to determine the width of the shoulders.  Then you bend the shoulders, turn the corners of the triangle inside out, and flatten out the bottom ...
and you get something that looks like this.  Shirts and dresses hang on the top, and matching pants or diaper covers can hang from the waist of the hanger.

Now I can use all the hanging space in her closet!

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