Friday, February 18, 2011

7Quick Takes (vol. 8)

1.  We went on a long trip in the car at Christmas, to visit my family who lives far away, and discovered that the baby sleeps in her car seat.  Deo gratias!  She also smiled and waved at nearly everyone we met

Hotel rooms and other unfamiliar places?  Now that's an entirely different story ...

2.  At eight months old, my baby girl now has her first tooth!  We seem to have reached a lull in the teething crankiness, but I expect the second tooth will not be far behind.

3.  In other baby news, she can now get an O shaped cereal bit into her mouth by herself, occasionally.  She does it, not by using a pincer grasp, but by getting it to stick to the end of her index finger, which she then puts into her mouth

4.  She also loves her Daddy.  No matter how grumpy she's been for me, the moment he walks in the door in the evening she is all smiles (at least for 30 seconds).  And she wants to be just like him; if he's eating a banana, she wants some too, even though she hates bananas.

5.  I've been having some success getting caught up with housework after several weeks of neglect.  Maybe next time things get overwhelming I will be smart enough to remember that the project needs to start with prayer.

6.  This is awesome.  But it makes me wonder.  I have a headline in my head:
Mom Risks Life to Save Child
Isn't that what parents are supposed to do?  Isn't that what is natural for a mother to do?  But because this child wasn't yet born, this woman's doctors advised her not to protect it.  Because this child wasn't yet born, the story is news. What a weird, messed up world we live in!

7.  Abigail has two thought provoking posts on suffering in preparation for Lent.  I'm afraid I needed that reminder about eight weeks ago, when the morning sickness hit.  On the other hand, there are trials every day.

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