Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Object Permanence

Yesterday my little girl was playing with a book, because Mama was reading a book, and therefore baby girl wanted one too.  She has not quite achieved the dexterity to turn the pages, so playing with her book mostly involves pushing it back and forth, picking it up, and drooling on it. She had worked herself off of a quilt that I put on the floor for her to play on, and was pushing the book back and forth near the edge of the quilt.  The book slid off of the quilt, onto the floor, and then under the quilt and out of sight.

At this point I look up from my book, because the baby has suddenly begun to cry.  I pull the book back out from under the quilt, and just as suddenly she is all smiles again.

Now if I could just remember these sweet little things and think about them when baby girl is awake for the third time of the night at 3 am ...

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