Monday, June 4, 2012


Lucy has begun to try to say "Jesus."  It comes out "Dee-see."  She will point to a crucifix and say, "Dee-see," or indicate an image of the Madonna and Child and explain, "Bee-bee.  Dee-see."  Also (in the interest of providing a complete translation of Lucy's statement) when her cup of milk is empty she announces, "Gong" (gone).

I bought this tiny, one-decade rosary at the monastery gift shop, thinking that maybe I could use it instead of counting on my fingers all the time, and it caught Lucy's fancy.  She wanted to hold it.  As her daddy fastened the buckles of her car seat, she studied it.  She pointed to the little cross and said:
                    "Dee-see   ...    Dee-see   ...   Dee-see   ...   gong."

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