Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ...

but mostly CUTE, because with a little girl who's almost two and just beginning to be able to speak her mind, and a little boy who's nine months old and beginning to express his likes and dislikes, we have a whole lot of CUTE around here!
"Bee-bee  mess-ee."
Lucy has been sick, and in order to get her to take her medicine without a fight, we let her give her baby medicine with a spare syringe.

Linus likes to pull books off the shelf ...

just like his sister did at the same age.

Lucy is still finding new uses for blocks.

Baby balance beam.

Her skill at balancing them impresses me.

These are some very happy, dirty, little-boy toes.  I should make sure they get that way more often.

round button chicken


  1. Oh, those wee toesies :) You certainly do have a whole lot of cute.
    Happy weekend!