Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm making a first attempt at knitting socks for myself.  I'm planning to knit one, then wash and dry it, try it on, and see if it works out before beginning the second.  I'm not sure this experiment is going to result in a sock that I will want to wear, but it will be a learning process either way.

I have read two wonderful books on my Kindle this week, both of which are available for free.  Come Rack! Come Rope! is pictured.  Come Rack! Come Rope! tells the story of persecuted English Catholics under Queen Elizabeth I.  The main characters and their relatives are fictional, but many of the side characters are real historical people, as the author (Robert Hugh Benson) explains in the forward.  This is one of a few books I would like my children to read by the time they finish high school.  I highly recommend it.

I also read A Girl of the Liberlost, which was mentioned by Ginny a couple weeks ago, and found it a very enjoyable story.

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