Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Linus

I want to remember ...
the way you reach at things you want, the same whether the object of your desire is millimeters beyond or fingertips or across the room.

the way you reach up and grasp my chin to push my face away while you are nursing, to start a game of peekaboo.

the way you giggle ... when I give you Eskimo kisses, when I wash your neck in the bath, when I say, "Pizza!"

the way you suck your food off the spoon.

the way you raise yourself off the floor as if to crawl, and rock back and forth, and then balance on your belly raising your arms and legs and kick your feet.

the way you slap the water in the bath with those chubby little hands and splash yourself in the face.

the way you reach out over and over to touch my coffee cup and hear me say, "hot," and the way you reach out to grab my glass of ice water and lick and chew the bottom.

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  1. "Turn around and you're a young man..." So sweet, so swift.