Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

What we've been up to:

Here's my pretty girl standing next to the pile of laundry that she moved from my bedroom.  It's now ready to go into the washing machine.
She also helped me put those clothes into the washing machine; she can just barely reach if she stands on tiptoe.
 Here she is happily coloring at her little table.
 The day I washed the sheets we built a fort with them before they went into the wash.
 Those are some happy little boy toes you see under there.  They both thought this was pretty fun.
Lucy was convinced her baby wanted to be on top of the fort.  Funny girl!

And the real ...
It's raining.  And the new roof leaks.  Fortunately the drip falls on the floor and only when it rains really hard.

round button chicken


  1. I love your sheet house! My children love doing that, and I have served many lunches to little people in sheet houses! What fun.

  2. Oh, no - your NEW roof leaks? Hope it won't be too much to have it fixed.

  3. Looks like a good day! Forts are a favorite around here too. The boys have already told me they want to build houses tomorrow, but relized they lack cement :) I'm hopeful some forts will work.

  4. Good job with the sheet house! That was one of our favorite snow day activities when we were little. I'm sorry about the roof - hopefully it's on some sort of warranty!