Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along

I saw this crochet basket on Pinterest and thought it was really neat looking.  I am always in need of baskets for toys.  What is it about piling a bunch of toys into a basket that makes toys so much more interesting to my babies?  Maybe it's just that they like the process of pulling out and (later) putting in better than actually playing with the toys.

Not having any rope on hand, and not wanting to buy new materials when I have piles of yarn that need to be used up, I decided to get a large crochet hook and hold several strands together to make really big stitches.  I used eight strands of cheap acrylic yarn that I bought years ago before I realized that it's much more pleasant to work with natural fibers.  I'm pleased with the result.  It looks neat and is a basket Linus can pull his toys out of without my having to worry about little pieces of basket breaking off and becoming hazards.

The book is Memorized the Faith by Kevin Vost.  I just started it, so I can't give you a detailed review, but I was interested to know what techniques the "medieval memory masters" recommended.  The technique does appear at first glance to be effective.  I think we do modern students a disservice by neglecting memory training.  Memorization is one skill among many, but it is a useful skill which aids in the development of many others.


  1. What a lovely basket! I need to figure out that Pinterest thing!

  2. Awesome idea for a basket! I was just playing with some leftover yarn, and trying to figure out how to use it-- you've inspired me-- thanks!

  3. I'd be very interested in a review when you finish the book! I like that basket ~ I have quite a bit of acrylic thread to use up after some small projects, and a few baskets might just do the trick.

  4. I got Memorize the Faith for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to reading it. I'm looking forwar to your thoughts on it :)
    Love the basket, what a great toy keeper! And stash buster :)

  5. Love that basket! I have been in a crochet mood lately...the book definitely looks interesting. I will have to add that to my list. I wish that had a better memory and definitely work to foster that skill in my kids!