Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes (vol. 11)

1.  This Lent I am eating oatmeal for breakfast instead of my usual cold cereal out of a box.  After nearly gagging on the first morning, I've decided to eat it cold, with plenty of milk, and I'm planning to forgo adding any sugar to it.  I think on Easter morning I'll be celebrating with some sort of very sugary, no-redeeming-nutritional-value cereal.

2.  I'm also reading the propers for daily Mass, the explanation of the stational churches in the back of my Fr. Lasance Missal, and the Matins readings of the day (which are generally a sermon on the Gospel of the day).  If I get a chance, I am planning to also read the week's selections from The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers.  I also have two or three other things on standby if I should somehow have enormous amounts of time for reading.

3.  For next year, I'd like to figure out a family devotion of some sort, particularly for the children.  I haven't yet decided what.  I've seen several ideas, but nothing that really jumped out at me.  Right now I'm leaning toward a Jesus Tree because we really enjoyed the Jesse Tree during advent.  Hopefully this year I can get the preparation done.

4.  It's a bright, sunny, beautiful day outside, and there's an owl hooting somewhere.  Maybe it's something else that just sounds like an owl to me.  I don't really know that much about bird calls.  A brief search turned up no similar bird calls.

5.  Tomorrow being the second Saturday of this month, there is an extraordinary form Mass in town tomorrow morning.  I plan to go and take my little girl.  My husband can't come because he works on Saturdays.

6.  Daylight saving time is going to make getting to our usual 7 a. m.  Sunday Mass particularly difficult this week.  I'm not fond of daylight saving time; I like to have sunlight in the morning.

7.  I'm debating whether to go wake up the baby.  She stayed up late last night and slept late this morning, which is not a pattern I'd like to continue.  On the other hand, directly interfering with her sleep habits usually backfires.  I'll be waking her up to go to Mass tomorrow and Sunday, which should help to reset her clock ...
I guess I'll let her sleep as long as she wants.

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