Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby's First Carnival Parade

We went to a parade this evening, and, as I expected, the baby was fascinated.  Here are some pictures.
The side of one of the floats.
Dukes on horses

One of several marching bands.
As you can see from this sign, this particular Carnival organization (Krewe of Proteus) has been parading since 1882.
Children sitting on seats bolted to the top of ladders.  Up high, they can see better and catch things thrown from the floats.
You can see the members of the Krewe in masks and costumes throwing beads and other things from the floats.

The Krewe of Proteus is still using the same float chassis they have been using since the early 1880's.  Notice the wooden wagon wheels.

We saw the parade early in the parade route, while it was still light outside.  Before electric street lights, flambeaux were used to illuminate the parade.  The metal piece you see (although here it is dull and soot-covered) is supposed to be a reflector to reflect the light toward the floats.  They are still carried as a traditional part of the parades.

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