Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along

I am currently crocheting a basket to contain baby toys in my bedroom, and reading A Mother's Rule of Life.  I'm not totally convinced about how the basket is turning out, but it will be functional, and use up some extra yarn that was just taking up storage space.  A Mother's Rule of Life is interesting so far.  Her solutions are not going to be my solutions, but she seems to do a good job of formulating useful questions.  It's also an enjoyable read.

Yarn Along is hosted at small things.


  1. Your assessment of AMRL is a succinct one...I've read my copy a couple of times and can take some useful ideas from it though definitely can't adopt the whole philosophy. Are you going to be felting the basket? There was a good pattern for smaller felted baskets in Mason Dixon knitting (if my memory serves me correctly)

  2. I won't be felting the basket, as it's made of cheap synthetic yarn. I had a need for something to contain toys and some yarn that was just taking up space, so I made a simple plan and off I went.
    I don't think there are many (if any) books on parenting and homeschooling that can be adopted wholesale, for the simple reason that everyone's situation is different.